Sunday 13th April 2019

Mercure Rome West Hotel & Congress

Miss Belly Dance EURO 2019



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How to Compete for Miss Belly Dance Euro 2019


  1. Solo Raks Sharki Professional - SAMIRA CUP

  2. Solo Raks Sharki New Talent

  3. Solo Oriental Show JUNGLE! - Open Level

  4. Solo Arabic Folk

  5. Solo Baladi

  6. Solo Gold Ladies Sharki/Folk/Oriental Show JUNGLE!

  7. Group Oriental - Open Level

  8. Group Oriental Show/JUNGLE! - Open Level

  9. Group Arabic Folk - Open Level

  10. Solo Kids (4/10) - Oriental/Folk/Oriental Show JUNGLE! - Open Level

  11. Solo Teen (11/16) - Oriental/Folk/Oriental Show JUNGLE! - Open Level

  12. Group Young (8/16) - Oriental/Folk/Oriental Show JUNGLE! - Open Level


Rich prizes in all categories!!!

Remember: music must to be max 3,30 minutes, and sent in MP3 only by e-mail:

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Miss Bellydance 2017


Soloist Raks Sharki Professional

1st Place - Serena Boselli (Italy)

2nd Place - Roberta Cammisola (Italy)

3rd Place - Crelia Iriarte (Argentina)

4th Place - Mayra Gomez (Argentina)

Soloist Raks Sharki New Talent

1st Place - Gabriela Kamenetskaya (Latvia)

2nd Place - Mss Akasha (Italy)

3rd Place - Irene Chiarella (Italy)

4th Place - Sara Chianura (Italy)

Soloist Arabic Folk

1st Place - Michela De Nicola (Italy)

2nd Place - Gabriela Kamenetskaya(Latvia)

3rd Place - Laura Baccei (Germany)

Soloist Gold Ladies

1st Place - Marianna Luongo (Italy)

2nd Place - Rita Ficarra (Italy)

3rd Place - Laura Baccei (Germany)

Raks Sharki Group

1st Place - Aysha e le Figlie di Ra (Italy)

Miss Belly Dance EURO 2019