Charming and enchanting, Sharon is one of the leading representatives of the Tribal Dance in the world.

A seasoned performer, inspirational teacher and exotic personality, Sharon Kihara is known the world over for her avante garde and slightly eccentric artistry, as well as for her skillful, graceful and powerful technique. She comes from a strong background in western dance, beginning with Ballet as a wee tike and continuing to perform with college Modern and Jazz dance companies throughout the nineties. But her true love came in the form of Bellydance, first witnessed by Sharon as a child in it's Cabaret form, then as Tribal Style in the mid nineties, and, as her mind had been blown beyond all hope for repair, she decided to pursue this art form with full enthusiasm…it wasn't even a choice at this point.
Since then, Sharon has joined the Bellydance Superstars, beginning in early 2004, and has been touring internationally full-time ever since. She has taught and performed in over 30 countries to date with many more on the horizon, has shared stages with acts such as Missy Elliot, the Black Eyed Peas, and co-headlined with the BDSS on the main stage at the prestigious Glastonbury festival, alongside the White Stripes and Coldplay. She has appeared on television and been featured in radio and media in countless countries, as well as several BDSS DVDs, including her very own Tribal Fusion instructional DVD, which debuts Fall 2007.
When she's not on tour, Sharon Kihara maintains her yoga practice, being incredibly inspired and fed by Anusara; sings, but primarily whilst alone; bangs on her piano a bit; models and works on the occasional multi-media project; scratches dogs and cats behind the ears; watches birds and insects closely; and eats and sleeps. But her favorite pastime is teaching dance and movement, in the form of Tribal Fusion Bellydance workshops and seminars. Sharon is interested in dance kinetics, and therapeutics and is constantly searching for new ideas and information. Sharon enjoys fusing the healing arts with the performing arts, and more than anything loves bearing witness to the beautiful, transcendental changes that occur in the lives of those who embark on the journey that is Bellydance—it is no less than magic.