Lara Farah in Rome!


Her training in dance begun at the age of six, with classical ballett with Maestra Nada Colak in Padova, who she follwed for ten years.
After ballett, she continued with other dance experience, studying modern dance, paso double with Maestro Luigi Martini of Padova, and in the same school she studied theatre, entering in the professional company.
Lara practices yoga, training autogeno and vibrationally therapy, those holistic disciplines permitted her to understand the energy and moviment's importance, through body, approaching her to oriental philosophy.
She've been studied oriental dance from 1998 to 2005, attending classes and worshops with many teachers such as: Saad Ismail, Aziza Abdul Reda, Francesca Foltran alias Farida di Venezia, teachers of Magica" school Milano. In 2004 she continues her oriental dance studies with Maryem from Taus Club, Rome and she begun to collaborate with her to promote egyptian dance in Veneto. In May 2007 she take the Maestro Oriental Dance Certificate, MIDAS/FIDS, after the professional training taken by Jivan Parvani, in Taus Club Academy,
In 2009 Lara built the Oriental Dance Academy "Le Mille e Una Notte" with her collegue Giulia Rampazzo. From 2009 she is in the Marhaba International Festival Teachers Staff.